Wednesday, August 17, 2011

151/365 2011 I couldn’t help myself


Elvis is just too sweet to not take pictures of him. He decided to lay his royal highness down on the desk I was moving around.

150/365 2011 UFO


If you have ever visited yarn craft blogs, you will see the term “UFO”. It stands for UnFinished Object. Here’s my UFO… the baby blanket that I decided I’d rather not work on.

149/365 2011 Road trip


Tomorrow is Memorial Day and so today Jason and I decided to escape the house for a long drive. We drove up to Sedona and around through Jerome. I want to go back to Jerome when it’s not a holiday weekend and explore the old western town.

148/365 2011 Granny square Do-over


I ended up starting all over on my colorful granny square blanket. I wanted to use a smaller crochet hook than what I had started with. Elvis was kind enough to pose with my new squares.

147/365 2011 Guard Cat


Elvis is making sure that the creatures in our neighborhood don’t enter our yard.

146/365 2011 Graduation night


Jacob has made it through high school! Tonight he graduated from Desert Vista. This was a perfect opportunity to take pictures of my boys. They smiled and everything.

145/365 2011 Piggy bank

I’ve had this little wicker piggy bank longer than I’ve had kids. Every time I go through my things to get rid of stuff, this guy looks at me with those little plastic eyes and I just can’t part with him.

144/365 2011 Sneak out FAIL!


Tonight I had this feeling I should go check on Jacob before I went to bed. Glad I followed through…this is what I found. The old “pillows and clothing under the sheet” trick. He is SO busted.

143/365 2011 The look says it all


This is why I have so many pictures of my cat. Jacob is waiting until he can leave for school. His first class isn’t until 4th period.

142/365 2011 Pot Rack


This is my Ikea pot rack that we had to hang over our kitchen island. This house is truly lacking in the storage department. It’s been here for awhile but I forgot to take a picture of it.

141/365 2011 Organized mess


This is a large collection of “stuff” that I have no idea where to store in this house. So it just sits in our computer room/den. At least getting to the vacuum is easy.

140/365 2011 Favorite Shoes


Right now these are my favorite shoes. Super comfortable. I’ll put these on when I run errands after walking around barefoot and so they have my footprint embedded on them.

139/365 2011 Granny Squares


I am finally going to start my colorful granny squares blanket. I worked up two squares to get a feel for what I like.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

138/365 2011 Wutteva


I had to run to Sally’s today and get some primer for work and saw this car in the parking lot. This license plate says exactly what I feel today.