Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days 80-83


Jason and I went to Costco today to pick up a few things. We bought a package of HUGE strawberries. There was one even larger than this but I gave it to Jared to eat before I thought of taking a photo. (Yeah, that's a quarter)


Elvis is playing with his toys. He has one toy for each paw. After I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I realized he had brought another toy to the stairway landing but apparently, like all children, has too many to keep track of.


Sun City, Arizona: Home to old folks who have forgotten that diapers do not go in the toilet. (This lovely image is also on my regular blog.)


I do not have a photo for Saturday...and for the life of me don't recall doing anything. I should have a picture of my couch to represent this day because I'm certain that's where Jason and I were for most of the day. Kids away at other parental units homes + stressful week = lazy day of nothingness.

Friday, March 20, 2009

79/365 Bad Mom

Bad mom...that's me. I took the boys to the movie today instead of sending them to school. Jacob is feeling a bit better (no fever) and Jared needed a "sympathy day". Sounds good to me. Here we are just waiting for Watchmen to start.

78/365 Wanna See Something Really Scary?

I had to keep Jacob home from school because he was running a fever of 101, his throat was raw and his tonsils are swollen. A trip to the doctor let us know he doesn't have strep (thank goodness) but they gave him a Z pack anyway.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Days 74-77


Today is the last day of the kids spring break. Need I say more?


This is how much the medication for Jacob costs....and this is the generic. Ouch! Thankfully his dad is helping to pay for his portion of the Accutane.

Redrum, redrum! Jacob felt the need to sharpen his pocket knife in his room. Just look at that intensity! Too bad this isn't how he goes after his homework.

Jason is driving the Pontiac. I'm following him. We are going to the dealer to turn in the car before our lease miles run out. We can hopefully say "Never again" to leasing a car.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

73/365 Birthday Movie

Tonight we went to the movies for Jared's birthday. Jared and 2 friends saw Push, while Jason, Olivia and I went to see Race To Witch Mountain. Now I'm up late listening to the friends enjoying the sleep over.

Friday, March 13, 2009

72/365 I Love Ikea

I needed some way to organize all my scrapping stuff in the loft, so I went to Ikea (my favorite place) and found 2 tall cabinets in the AS IS section. I got them each for 30% off the normal price since they had been displays in the store. Then I lay them on their side and stacked them to fit under the window. Genius!

71/365 Magnetic Board

I covered my magnetic board to match the one hanging over the kids' computer station. Right now I only have one magnet so everything has to be clumped together. I guess I need to find where I packed the rest of my magnets.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BIG Post - Days 62-70


This is the view from my balcony at night. Luckily there aren't any houses directly behind us. I'm just unwinding from my day at work while Jason sleeps just inside.


While playing on my computer after my extra day at the salon, the back of my leg started to itch. After a bit, I realized that I had a HUGE welt! Oh MY!! (Yeah, the leg looks huge, too.) Have you ever tried to take a picture of the back of your leg? It's tough.

Today is the only day off I have this week since I'm covering at the salon for the other nail tech who had emergency surgery to have her gall bladder removed. So what do I do with my day off? I unpack some more boxes! This is what progress looks like. I feel overwhelmed.

WOW! It's 76 degrees in the loft this afternoon. It's been hotter, but today is a nice day outside.

Jason and I are finishing cleaning out the old house and LOOK, it's Artie Deco!! I wonder where 4Q2 is hiding?

Oh Linksys with your flickering green light. How I love the internet you bring to my computer.

I used some fingernail polish to spiff up my mouse pad. It's airing out by the window. I still need to add some more designs to it.

Say Hello to our new kitty. If you think she looks familiar, you may have seen her motley face on Suzee's blog. She needed a new home where there isn't a Bengal cat living to make her life miserable.

Instead of being productive with organizing the house, I spent my time making some labels for my little Starbucks bottles that I'm using to store my craft stuff in. WAY CUTE!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holy Moly

So I promise that some time this week I will get my act together and post those pictures to bring me up to date. I really don't have any excuse for not posting. Just thought I would throw something out there so you'd get all excited when you thought I had something new to share. GOT 'CHA!

Monday, March 2, 2009

61/365 Wait A Minute

I'm pretty sure this kitchen was clean when I left for work this morning. Oh yeah, the dishes in the dishwasher are clean, so these dirty dishes HAD to go in the sink. Got it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

60/365 My March Desktop

Here is my Shabby Princess desktop for March. Last year I began to use a photo of whoever had a birthday that month. This is Jared's birthday month. Can you believe I am old enough for my baby to be 13?