Wednesday, September 30, 2009

262/365 insulin pump supplies

Jason pulled all the supplies for Samantha's insulin pump out so he can send them over to her mom's house. Samantha has recently decided that she doesn't want to spend time at our house. I wish she understood how much her actions hurt her dad.

261/365 Nap time

I just don't know how cats can sleep 20 plus hours a day. Seeing our boys like this makes me want to lay down and snuggle with them.

260/365 Get the mail

We've been getting our mail out of the box on a more consistent basis since Jason signed up for NetFlix. Today I walked around the corner to grab it and see what movies were waiting. I'm just glad it's close to our house.

259/365 Ouch!

I went over to my girlfriend Renee's house today so we could hang out by her pool until she had to go in to work at the salon. It's been a long summer for us without a pool of our own (or a boat!) so my sun exposure has been limited so far. Well, I forgot to use sunscreen and this burn is my reward.

258/365 packing my lunch

Today I actually have time to eat lunch while I'm at work, so I'm making a salad to take with me. I love to add some protein to my salads, so I'll chop up some lunch meat and toss it.

257/365 paper shreds

Our cat Elvis loves to shred up paper. If there is any where he can find it, he will use his feet to secure the paper and rip it apart with his teeth. This morning I found this by the upstairs couch.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

256/365 It's my birthday :)

We went to NYPD pizza today for my birthday lunch. I took 3 pictures to get a photo where one of those boys weren't messing around. And in case you're wondering why we are missing one child, it's because she didn't want to come over this weekend.

255/365 Yummy pretzels

Jason and I made a Sam's Club run this morning. We love these pretzels! We have purposefully not bought them recently because we tend to eat too many, but today we agreed that we should get them anyway.

254/365 Get the staple puller!

Jacob is finally getting the staples removed from his scalp. That's Dr. Mary Jo Kutler getting ready to do the job. I let him go a few days longer with them in his head since I forgot to call earlier in the week.

253/365 Shirley

Today I'm attending the memorial service for my girlfriend Shirley's son Curtis. He died last month in an accidental overdose at the age of 24. She told me she's just trying to hold it together until she gets through today. My prayers are with you, Shirley.

252/365 straddling the couch

Trash Can can usually be found laying like this on the couch in the loft. It's so funny to see him straddling the couch arm with his back legs.

251/365 and now a word from our president....

I kept my kids home from school today as a way to exercise my freedom of choice. You see, the president was planning to speak to all the children in public school, and I am very unhappy with the way he is running our country, so they are still in bed. Even if I have no voice to elicit change, I can still make a personal statement this way.

250/365 Jacob's closet

Jacob spent the day cleaning up his room. He showed me how his hangers and shirts are color coordinated. Great job Jacob! Your room looks great, too.

249/365 Shutterfly Photo Book

My Shutterfly Photo Book came in the mail. I'd gotten a coupon for a free 8 X 8 inch book and was able to use it for my 2008 Montana vacation layouts.

248/365 Rainy day drive

Jason and I are out on another one of our day trips. It's Labor Day weekend and we'd talked about getting a room somewhere with a pool for the weekend, but with rain in the forecast, we'd decided against it (good thing).

247/365 Now we're ready

Every other Friday the boys head off to their dad's house for the weekend. They always pack up their XBox 360 and take it with them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

246/365 No hot water!

We have NO hot water. This is what the repair man left us with after he worked on our water heater unit. They thought they'd gotten the right part, but it ended up not fitting our unit. We have to wait until the right part ships before we enjoy hot water again.

245/365 September desktop

This is my desktop for September. I can't understand why folks keep creating calendars with the days of the month being off.... so I redid the calendar image. I wish whoever made this had put a Terms of Use with it so I could credit them....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

244/365 Grizzly Football time!

Jason's new Griz attire showed up from the UM store. The hat on the left has it's own bottle opener built right in. Cool!

243/365 Water heater flame

This is a good sight to see. This means that your water heater is making some hot water. Unfortunately, these flames keep going out along with the pilot light. I took the coldest shower ever in this house over the weekend. We keep relighting the pilot light just to get some hot water for showers.

Monday, September 7, 2009

242/365 It keeps your brains in!

In the wee hours of the morning, I was woken by a phone call from Jacob telling me that he needed a ride and that he thought he cracked his head open. Oh yeah, he did. Another emergency room visit, 4 staples in his scalp, and we got home about 4 a.m. He was riding his long board and wiped out. Did I mention that he doesn't wear a helmet?

241/365 Olivia!

Today we took Olivia to the bowling alley for a girlfriend's birthday party. Jason and I hung out since we live so far from there, now. Today also happens to be my sister Beverly's birthday and also my niece Sarah's birthday.

240/365 Who's kid is this?

Ok, he's mine. He's so lazy these days. This is the kid who said he couldn't share a room with his brother "because he's a slob". Now THAT's funny!!

239/365 Proof of my guilt

Even if I'm being safe by driving the posted speed limit, I'm not always safely buckled into my seat belt. Don't bother telling me what I already know....I just rebel every now and again.

238/365 Shutterfly photobook

I finished all the layouts from our 2008 Montana vacation just in time to get my free 8 X 8 Shutterfly photobook uploaded. This is a screen shot of the cover of my book. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

237/365 colored acrylics

Today I had to do one of my clients nails with red acrylic. Instead of a pink and white French manicure, she's got red tips. I didn't take a picture of it, so I took a picture of my colored acrylic set. I have to say that I really don't like the way the red looks, but she loves it.

236/365 my hair right now

I'm contemplating a new hair-do. I took this picture myself to get some opinions from friends about going short, and posted it on my facebook.

235/365 Nosey, ain't ya!

Suzee had her son Sam drop their computer off at our house so Jason could work on it. Our cats find it fascinating because it must have some scent of her cats on it.

234/365 Going, going, gone

Our wonderful view is pretty much a thing of the past. About the only thing I'm grateful for right now is that we don't own the house we're living in. When our lease is up, we will be moving somewhere closer to our kids' schools.

233/365 Pictures to scan

My sister Beverly came by after work tonight and brought me some old pictures to scan onto my computer. There were a bunch of my dad and mom from the days when they were dating. I'm glad to be able to preserve them in digital format.

232/365 What is it?

On my way into work, the traffic was moving super slow. That's normal on days when I have morning clients, but this was at 10 a.m. and rush hour is over. Finally I got to see what was holding us up. Still not sure exactly what this is, but it had the highway patrol cars in front and in back with their lights flashing.

231/365 sweet Elvis

Elvis is such a sweet kitty. He's got the best, laid back nature and is so trusting. I've learned to appreciate that more now that we've got a little wild guy running around the house.

230/365 Hangin' out before school

Jared is lounging on the loft couch waiting to leave for school. He's either getting himself to the Alex bus, or I'll be driving him on my way to work.

229/365 not you again!

Yup, it's my little Trash Can again. The printer seems to be one of his favorite spots to flop his furry body on. I can't get over how fast he's growing. I miss him being a little kitten.

228/365 Hi down there

Our cats love their lofty perch where they can look down on their subjects. I've had to rearrange the "stuff" I have displayed so the risk of it getting knocked off again is reduced.

227/365 hair today, gone tomorrow

Today I drove Jared out to the salon to get his hair cut. Finally! I've missed seeing his eyes. Oh, yeah, they are brown :)


Guess how loud it is in my house with the second floor going up behind us? The sound of the guys hammering so early in the morning is getting on my nerves. I'm glad it's moving along so quickly so that I can have some peace and quiet again.

225/365 cozy cats

It makes me smile to find our cats sleeping like this. I'm glad we got Trash Can so that Elvis wouldn't be alone during the day.

224/365 Not a sight I like

The construction going on right behind our house continues. The crews begin work about 5:30 in the morning. I'm not sure if they are breaking any sound ordinances by starting that early. If I weren't so lazy, I'd check and complain.

223/365 Nail stuff

I worked today and these are a few items that I use when I do nails... powdered acrylic, nail brush and cuticle nippers.