Thursday, May 19, 2011

138/365 2011 Wutteva


I had to run to Sally’s today and get some primer for work and saw this car in the parking lot. This license plate says exactly what I feel today.

137/365 2011 Vintage Stripe


I hadn’t picked up my crochet hook for almost a month. So for the last few days I have been working on this blanket again. Here’s the progress so far. I think I will add at least one more foot of width onto this before I call it done.

136/365 2011 Taking my work home


I really need to do my nails. I thought maybe bringing my supplies home would inspire me to do them. Maybe later.

135/365 2011 Scraps to burn


Here a pile of wood scrap to burn. Too bad it’s gotten so hot we won’t use these any time soon.

134/365 2011 Bougainvillea


I love the blooms on the bougainvillea. I do not love the blooms when they come off the bougainvillea and go into the pool.

133/365 2011 Friday the 13th


This is pretty scary so it’s the perfect picture to represent a Friday the 13th.

132/365 2011 This makes Jason happy


Nothing like a bag of computer screws to make my husband a happy man.

131/365 2011 A Bath, a Cat, and a Nap


Elvis likes to be around people and if he’s awake he will find someone and keep them company. This morning while I was getting ready for work, he climbed into the tub and took a nap.

130/365 2011 Little basket of scrapbooks


Just some of the little scrapbooks I’ve made.

129/365 2011 Pots and more pots


I’m running out of room for all the pots that Jacob has made in his ceramics class. This is just one spot where they are displayed.

128/365 2011 Mother’s Day


Notice the title is missing the word Happy. No real photo. Not a day I to remember.

127/365 2011 Jacob’s Prom

It’s Prom Night. Jacob’s first and last prom. His date is Karen who he went to school with back when we lived on the west side.

126/365 2011 Yummy


Happiness is a bucket of cold chicken leftovers. And lets not forget coleslaw…

125/365 2011 Jason’s server


Jason has his first server. Now he can get his knowledge base for running Cisco.

124/365 2011 Picking up the Tux


The boys and I are at the mall getting Jacob’s tuxedo. I’m sorry Mr Formal, but I think you need to go back to grade school for some grammar lessons.

123/365 2011 Computer time


Jason bought a computer off Craigslist. He’s trying to hook everything back up to the motherboard and is having a hard time reading where all the wires should be connected.

122/365 2011 Prom is Coming

Jacob’s Prom is this Saturday. This is the ticket package they give the students.

121/365 2011 Lazy Sunday

This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

120/365 2011 Fake Bus Driver


Jason and I had to go to his work to check on a problem they were having. He showed me around the Mobility Center where I got to pretend to be driving a city bus.

119/365 2011 Tasty?


As I was checking my Facebook, I heard a sound from behind my computer screen. I look, and it’s my cat licking the picture of Jacob. He does this often.

118/365 2011 Cleaning stuff


Jacob is going to be cleaning the salon this weekend while he’s on the west side with his dad. Today I took a photo of the back room to show him what he will be using when he goes in.

117/365 2011 Furry son


When I see pictures of Elvis, it makes me realize what a little kitty he is. Small head for a small brain.

116/365 2011 Afghans


It’s warm now and we have no need to snuggle under these so they got piled on this chair.

115/365 2011 Not again!


I have been slacking.

114/365 Happy Easter

Today we have all of the kids over. And they are all dressed so nice. What a great opportunity to get some photos. Jason had the tripod all set up when I got home from church.

113/365 2011 Worth 2 in the bush?


This bird flew into the house and couldn’t get out. Since he was up in a high window, we went to get a ladder and a net to help him outside, and when we got back, he was dead under a chair. For some reason, a Monty Python sketch is going through my head right now….HELLO POLLY!

112/365 2011 My Senior

Jacob graduates from high school next month. We took some pictures of him so I could send out the announcements. How is it possible that my first born is going to be out of high school next month when it wasn’t long ago that I took him to his first day of kindergarten?

111/365 2011 Picture message


Jason has some job interviews coming up and he needs some dress clothes. He sent me this picture of him that he took in the dressing room while I was at work. I’m sure Jacob will want to borrow his new tie.

110/365 2011 Hairball


I combed Elvis just a few days ago, and after combing him today, I STILL managed to get this big ‘ol hairball. I’m still trying to figure out how a black and white cat produces a ball of GRAY hair.

109/365 2011 Fan is fixed


Our fan has a remote control to operate it. Bad news, the remote died and we couldn’t run our fan and it’s been pretty warm upstairs. Thank goodness I have such a handy husband. He rewired it so now it’s working again.

108/365 2011 Homework time


Jacob should be going to bed since it’s 11:30 at night. But at least that writing assignment is getting done.

107/365 2011 No clothesline, No problem


When your legs are long and you don’t want the length of your jeans to shrink in the dryer, you need to hang them to dry. Jacob solved the problem of not having a clothesline…just hang ‘em on the banister.

106/365 2011 Happy Birthday Jason


Back on this day in 1963, the man of my life was making his appearance in the world. Glad you did, honey.

105/365 2011 Scalped


This is all that’s left of our bush after I got done pruning it. I wish I’d taken a photo of it before. It was so overgrown that you almost couldn’t get past it to go to our side yard and it was at least neck high.

104/365 2011 Caught Unawares


As I was coming downstairs to get some water before bed, I see this. It’s late, and it’s a school night, but Jacob is still on the computer checking out his Facebook. Just like always.

103/365 2011 Looks like a raspberry


If you look closely, you can see Elvis sticking his tongue out. I think he’s giving us the raspberry.

102/365 2011 Just one month late

Jared’s birthday was last month, but it took him a while to figure out what he wanted us to get him for his birthday. Well, today his belated gift arrived. It’s a 250 GB hard drive for his X-Box.