Friday, November 27, 2009

325/365 Jacob’s Pots

While Jason and I were watching the Montana Grizzlies spank the Montana State Bobcats in football, Jacob was at school for his ceramics class open studio. He was able to bring home all the projects that he’s completed. I’m waiting for him to share a pot or two with me, but he’s hording them all in his room. Maybe he’s waiting for Christmas?

324/365 Springfield Armory XD 9mm

day 324

Meet my new hand gun. The Springfield Armory XD 9mm pistol. Jason took me to Caswells shooting range in Mesa today where I got to fire my very first handgun. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I got over that soon enough, and before I knew it I was hooked! We’ve been wanting to buy one for quite some time and we’ve finally done it.

323/365 Jared goes to camp

Jared has his bag and sleeping bag stowed under the bus and is ready to leave. The class will only be staying over one night, and should be home around 8 or 9 p.m. tomorrow. At the parent meeting last week, we got a rundown of the itinerary and they are going to be BUSY. Have fun Jared!

322/365 Packed for Humanities Camp

day 322

Tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. Jared will be dropped off at school for his 8th grade Humanities Camp in Prescott, Arizona. He’s all packed and ready to go.

321/365 Elvis…once again

I sat on the floor with Elvis enjoying the cool air this morning before work. I love it when it cools off, but don’t enjoy it when it gets too cold (Remember, I’m an Arizona girl so cold means anything in the very  low 60’s)

320/365 Starbucks stuff

 day 320

During a break between clients at the salon, I went down to Starbucks to grab a green tea. While I was waiting for my order, I noticed these great plastic drinking glasses. They are double walled so your drink won’t get all sweaty on the outside of the cup. If I weren’t so cheap cost conscience, I would have spent the $14.99 for one of the big glasses.

319/365 My boys home from dad’s

Tonight when my boys got home from their weekend at their dad’s house, they had on the new T-shirts their Grandma Fletcher had bought them. They also got new hoodie sweatshirts. You can see that Jacob was not happy about having to pose for this photo. You can also see that the shirt he got is not appropriate for wearing to school.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

318/365 Starbucks Scrapbook

Today I finished my Starbucks Scrapbook. It was on Ali Edwards' blog for her Tuesday Tutorial. I fell in love with it when I saw it there, and had to do my own. Follow the link to find the download for the PDF that has the pages and the how-to info.

317/365 Downtown

This isn't the best quality image. I snapped this with my camera phone tonight when I went downtown to visit my hubby at work. It's Friday the 13th and all seems to be pretty quiet out tonight.

316/365 What's for dinner?

I'm going to throw some stuff into the Crock Pot for tonight's dinner. I'm making the Chili Chicken Corn Chowder. I plan to get this cookbook out more often.

315/365 Jared needs a Chiropractor

Jared has a terrible pain in his back behind one of his shoulder blades. This is him just before we went inside the Chiropractor's office so he could get adjusted. See how sad he looks. By the time we left, he felt much better.

314/365 Crock Pots!

Today I had a big gap in my client schedule so I hurried over to Walmart to buy us a new Crock Pot. Our other one had one of the "feet" broken off. We went from a 5 quart size to a big 7 quart sized one. I saw the little 2 quart guy and had to buy it, too.

313/365 Cirque Du Freak

When I heard that one of Jacob's favorite book series Cirque Du Freak was being made into a movie, I had to hurry up and read the books. He had the first 4 of 12 books. Lucky for him I enjoyed them so much because I ordered the box set of 5 through 8. Now he's pleading with me to order the last box set.

312/365 My Desk

Today I spent most of my day here. I've got my herbal tea close by and all my notes tucked under my keyboard. The empty Starbucks cups are going to be used for a great scrapbook project.

311/365 Full House

Tonight we fed 8 kids for dinner and had 3 friends of our kids' sleepover. You don't see the 2 youngest girls since they are upstairs. You can say we were bursting at the seams this Saturday night.

310/365 Olivia has a sleepover

Olivia invited one of her girlfriends to come have a sleepover at our house. They set up a spot in the loft by pushing the couch back and the coffee table to the side. Looks like Olivia crashed before her friend.

309/365 A Day with Suzee

Today I went over to my sister Suzee's house and we spent a few hours running errands together. One of our stops was to replace my niece's bad camera. Turns out she needed to shoot her photos while it WASN'T in macro. I snapped a photo on the way back to Suzee's to see how good it works in the right setting.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

308/365 tastey diet meal

Today's lunch is super garlicky chicken with oregano and basil tossed on a bed of fresh spinach. I've made this a couple times and have even chopped up my allowed strawberries and thrown them in my salad. Top with balsamic vinegar and it's done.

307/365 This cat wants out. BAD

First I'd like to point out the leather arm of my sofa. Compliments of the cat you see here, and his brother who got out and never came home (many coyotes and owls live near us). Tonight Elvis sat at the back door and cried piteously to go out. He's been getting some day trips out, but we bring him inside at night.

306/365 Don't be so shy

Jacob wouldn't smile or even open his eyes for me to get this picture. Now you can see why I have so many photos of my cat. LOL!!

305/365 November Desktop

I've got my newest desktop on my computer. This one is from Weeds & Wildflowers. I keep shaking my head in wonder over where this year went and how did it go so quickly...

304/365 Happy Halloween!!

I must confess that I cheated on my diet today with a candy feast. I should have listened to my sister Suzee when she said that you couldn't be expected to diet on a day where you are faced with a big bowl of chocolate. I will also tell you that my sweet husband didn't make me feel bad about it either. Thanks honey!

303/365 Flowers are blooming

While trimming the foliage in the backyard, I was happy to see all these little yellow flowers on some of the ground cover plants.

302/365 Jared kicks back with Elvis

At the end of a long school day, Jared is usually found hanging out in his room watching TV or playing X-Box. Tonight he had some company.

301/365 Diet Food

I'm back on the hcg diet. Of the 2 meals I get to eat today, this is what I'm having for lunch. Chicken Apple Salad. Funny, but I don't like this dish as much as I did when I did this diet the last time.

300/365 What's that in your ear?

Elvis was playing with one of his furry mice tonight. When Jacob saw the picture he said it looked like Elvis was putting the mouse in his ear.

299/365 My "Go To" subject

At the end of the day, when I realize I haven't taken a picture yet, I can always count on one member of my household to sit for a photo and not complain.

298/365 Bubble Gum!

I bought a 4 pack of Bubblicious at the dollar store. I tell my kids that 25 cents was the usual price for a pack of bubble gum when I was a little girl. The good old days when a 5 year old could walk to the corner grocery by herself and buy penny candy. It wasn't really THAT long ago. Really!

297/365 More time on the computer

Sometimes I wonder what kids did before youtube and facebook. I seem to remember we actually got out of the house or read books.

296/365 Dad & Daughter

Its another full house weekend with all our kids. Jason and Olivia enjoy their own choice of beverage while watching the TV.

295/365 Cobwebs for Halloween

I'm trying to do my part to make it feel more like Halloween around here. I put more cobwebs up around the entry way table when I finished with the entertainment center.

294/365 getting overgrown

Our 2nd home inspection in just over 4 months is next week. The management of First Sonoran Property seem to be doing all they can to make sure we don't renew our lease with them. Here's one of the lantana bushes they told me last time needed to be trimmed. Of course that was the only thing they could find to complain about last time through. So, later today this bad boy is getting scalped!

293/365 Taking my work home

I don't seem to have the time at the salon to get my own nails done. I brought some of my stuff home to work on them, but never got around to taking it out of the bag.

292/365 foot vs Elvis

This cat is way too mellow. He'll just lay around and let you rub him with your feet. He also lets you rub his belly...not usually something cats let you do.