Wednesday, March 23, 2011

81/365 2011 It’s ALIVE! ALIVE!


After months without a pool cleaner, we are finally back on track to a clean pool. The guy that worked on it was a total Grumpy Old Man! But he sure knows his stuff.

80/365 2011 WINDY!!


I tried to capture the trees blowing in the wind today before I left for work. After a week of warmer days, this cold windy day is a welcome event because I’m not ready for the hot weather just yet. They are predicting rain along with the wind.

79/365 2011 Sunday Stuff


Just my stuff that I’ll be needing for church today. My scriptures, shoes and purse.

78/365 2011 Hats


Today’s photo captures just one of the daily sights here at our house. Jason’s baseball caps (and one of mine) hanging where they are easily accessible.

77/365 2011 Hot Days, Cooler Nights


It has been pretty warm outside these last few days and it gets very warm in the house during the day. Thankfully the nights cool off and we’ve been taking advantage of that by opening the windows to cool it down inside.

76/365 2011 Slow Day


I’m glad I took my blanket to work with me today since I had a LOT of time to work on it during the gaps in my schedule.

75/365 2011 Latest Crochet


Here is my latest crochet blanket in the works. It’s a vintage vertical stripe. So far I’ve just made throws for the living room. Now we will have a blanket for the couch that’s actually long enough to cover from head to toe. 

74/365 2011 Zumiez


Jared and I went to the mall today to buy him some jeans at Zumiez. Most of his jeans right now are getting too short on him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

73/365 Happy Birthday to Jared


Jared is 15 today! Happy Birthday baby…. I can’t believe how fast this time has gone.

72/365 WHAT!


I’m getting my things together to go to church and he keeps looking at me like he wonders, “Where do you think you are going?”

71/365 Darn Cleaner


This pool is becoming more trouble than it’s worth (I can say that right now since it’s too cold to go swimming). I can NOT get that dumb cleaner to do its job. Spent a couple hours out here and still nothing!

70/365 Spinach Chips


I’m making spinach chips today because I’d really like something salty and crispy. I’ve never tried this before, but it gets good reviews.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

69/365 2011 Here Comes the Heat


It is 9:15 pm and our outdoor thermometer gives you a good idea of how hot is was today. The weather reports say it got up to 87 degrees.

68/365 2011 This Tool is Great


Today I spent about 45 minutes pulling weeds in the front yard. I am so happy to have inherited this handy dandy tool from Margaret because it helped me to get 2 full bags of weed in that time.

67/365 2011 Baby Stuff


One of the gals at the salon is having a baby next month. I started a granny blanket to give to her.

66/365 2011 Free Parking


That blue SUV belongs to a friend of Samantha. They stopped here before school to find out if she could park in the driveway since she didn’t have a pass to park in the school lot.

65/365 2011 Big Trash Pick Up Pile


Tomorrow is the scheduled big trash pick up for our neighborhood. Thank goodness we remembered today so Jason & Jacob were able to get our pile of dead tree limbs out to the curb.

64/365 2011 Mystery Day

Well, it was bound to happen…. a day where I didn’t take a photo and have no idea how to fake it. Today Jason went with a friend to help him buy his new computer parts, then after assembling said computer, he took his oldest daughter Samantha out for lunch. I hung out and crocheted.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

63/365 2011 Good Company


I’ve got company as I read some blogs this morning. He really is such a needy cat.

62/365 2011 Commuting Really Sucks


I’m at 40th Street over I-10 waiting to turn onto the freeway to get into that LONG line of cars you can see there on the left. I had gotten on at Chandler and the only lane moving was the on/off lane so I exited and took surface streets to here. I really hate days like these.

61/365 2011 Jacob and his Tongue


This morning Jacob had his long awaited appointment with the Oral Surgeon to have the growth under his tongue removed. They’ve got him holding a wet teabag on the site to constrict the blood vessels. Apparently the tannic acid in tea does this very well. Wonder what it does to the inside of a bodies when people drink it?

60/365 2011 Finally Finished!


It only took me 2 months. I thought I’d better finish this hat since I have at least 4 other crochet projects going around here. Feels great to have another work in progress be a usable object.

59/365 2011 Time To Diet


It’s been over a year since I did the hcg diet, and had managed to keep the weight off pretty well. Unfortunately, after Halloween I began to be a very bad girl by eating all kinds of junk food. So it’s back on the diet for me. Here’s what’s for lunch (pre cooked).

58/365 2011 Crochet Japanese Flowers

Came across this great flower pattern on Attic24 blog and just had to try it out. I’d like to make a bed throw out of this pattern.

57/365 2011 Cats See Things


It’s late at night. I’m the last one awake. And I’m watching a show called My Ghost Story. I was feeling creeped out so scooted closer to Elvis to pet him. This woke him up and something grabbed his attention. He wouldn’t take his eyes off the area over the front door (by the chandelier). I had no luck distracting him & since he was freaking me out, I figured I’d see if my camera could see what had his attention so completely.

Friday, March 4, 2011

56/365 2011 Spots on Socks


I don’t have hiking shoes, so I have been wearing my running shoes when I hike (as I have noticed many others doing as well). My shoes have this cool venting in the soles so the dirt from the trail now decorates my socks.

55/365 2011 Should I Add It to My List?


I had a break at work so I walked over to Michael's Craft Store. While I was there I found a pattern for this sweet little crochet bag. I just might have to add it to my growing list of projects I want to make.

54/365 2011 It’s the Little Things


A freshly scoured sink makes me very happy.

53/365 2011 My Other Kids Won’t Pose


If you were to have to guess from just the photos on my blog, you might think I don’t have any hairless children. No so. They just aren’t as cooperative at posing for pictures as Elvis.

52/365 2011 Elvis Makes Me Laugh


The look on his face had me laughing at this photo.

51/365 2011 Arizona Sky


Jason and I were coming home from helping Bev at her new house when I took this picture. I thought it was so pretty. The rain had stopped and the sky was so blue and the sun was peaking out from the clouds.

50/365 2011 Just Like Visa

….he’s everywhere you want to be. Such a needy kitty. When he’s awake, he is usually following someone around.

49/365 2011 Big Leak


When our drip system is on, this valve leaks terribly! Because of this, I have to remember to turn it on and off until we can finally have it fixed.

48/365 2011 Eye Candy


Look what’s in my crochet bag! Such loverly goodness and I can’t wait to get my hooks into these patterns.

47/365 2011 Did Someone Say COOKIES?


Jason took this photo for me. His daughter Olivia is our Girl Scout and he gets to make the deliveries to his coworkers.

46/365 2011 A Hiking We Will Go


I got invited to start hiking with my church friend Dyonne. I turned around to shoot this view from the trail. We’re half way there and I’m huffing and puffing my way to the top.

45/365 2011 The Back Room


I’m spending too much of my day today in the break room area of the salon today. Thank you to the clients that canceled at the last minute for allowing me so much time to enjoy all there is to do here when I’m not working.

44/365 2011 Better Late Than Never


Our pool has needed a new cleaner for a couple months now. Today our landlord finally delivered the new one. I hate to be ungrateful, but I really don’t like the Hayward pool vac. We once owned one and the best thing about it was when we replaced it with a Barracuda cleaner.

43/365 2011 We Will Miss You


Jason and I went over to my sister Margaret’s house and helped her and Ron while they finished loading their moving truck. They are moving to Port Angeles, WA as soon as the truck is loaded. Be safe and I love you.

42/365 2011 Awww, Ain’t He Sweet?


Makes me want to just pick him up and snuggle him.

41/365 2011 Where They Sleep


This is the cabinet that houses the mason jar, that hold the grains, that make the kefir that Crissie drinks.

40/365 2011 Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone


I caved! I had no choice really. It was calling me and I could hear it all the way from downstairs. Let me be very honest with you…. it was DELICIOUS!

39/365 2011 Kefir Grains


My new nightly ritual – straining the kefir from my kefir grains. The kefir tastes a bit like unsweetened yoghurt, and I happen to really like it.

38/365 2011 Is He Good, or Evil


This is what was waiting for me when I got home from work. A gift from our house guest, Michael Shane. Yes, those are king sized candy bars. And they are all for me. I’m still not sure if I should thank him, or hurt him.

37/365 2011 All Dressed Up


Jared is dressed and ready for church and he and I are just waiting for Jacob to finish getting ready. As usual.

36/365 2011 Just Curious


Or should I say nosey? It never fails, Elvis will make sure he stands in front of my computer screen if he sees that it is getting all my attention. It’s a Purrr-fect time to take his picture.

35/365 2011 Crafting Goodies


I recently spent some time trying to reorganize my craft supplies. Thanks to the new desk plus storage drawers I set up, this area doesn’t have to be so overloaded.

34/365 2011 They Have Arrived


Tonight I received my kefir grains in the mail. Think Probiotics, except these grow in milk in your own home. If you’re interested, Google has lots of info.

33/365 2011 Sleeping Beauty


How can I work on this crochet blanket if my sweet and silky kitty needs it to nap on?

32/365 2011 Be Still My Heart

Look at what I unboxed today! I have wanted this Silhouette SD for some time. I am so looking forward to playing with my latest toy.