Sunday, June 28, 2009

179/365 Time for a snack

I'm calling it a snack, but it's my dinner. I had to laugh while I was making it because a line from the movie 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' went through my head...."Peanut fills the cracks of the heart. Go away pain."

178/365 The Wigwam Resort

Jason and I got a room on the west side of town at the Wigwam Resort. This isn't the exact room we stayed in, but it looked almost exactly like this. It was really nice, but I do have one complaint... at 8:30 in the morning, housekeeping banged on the door and woke me up. WHAT THE HECK! Checkout wasn't until noon so there was NO reason to wake the guests up early.

177/365 Get together Friday

Norma, me, Jenea & Brandie (Renee's daughters) and Renee are hangin' out at Chilis after work on Friday. We all squeezed in close for this photo, but where in the world is Norma's daughter Laura?

176/365 Kids at play

Jordan came over for the night and he and Jared played cards to pass the time. Olivia wasn't invited to play because boys are mean like that. Look at that hair on Jared....what a shaggy mess!

175/365 Pretty boy

It's pretty sad that I have more photos of my animals than I do of my kids. I really do love my kids more than I love my cats, but the cats actually can't tell me to quit taking so many pictures.

174/365 Elvis (not the real one)

This is Elvis laying in his favorite spot. Can't you tell how he is just humoring me by letting me take this close-up?

173/365 The Bender Ball

I got myself a Bender Ball so I can work my abs. Found it at the Target by my salon. I had a big gap in my client schedule and shopping was a good way to kill some time.

172/365 Happy Father's Day

Once again I have failed to take a photo for one of my days. Father's Day arrived with Jason and I not happy with each other. So here is my "Photo" for the day. Jason and his daughters, Samantha and Olivia, went out to lunch and then caught a movie at the $3.00 theater. All things considered, this was a good day for the girls as they got some great one on one time with their dad.

171/365 Girls' Lunch Date

Today we all got together for a lunch date. The Lundberg girls, Beverly, Margaret, Suzee & Crissie, along with Kacie (Suzee's daughter) and Terri (Bev's best bud) met at Claim Jumper for some yummy grub. It was great to visit with everyone, unfortunately this date ended very badly for Margaret when past events were brought up.

Friday, June 19, 2009

170/365 I could cry

I had to go to the beauty supply today and get some much needed items. These few things cost me over $200. I actually saved money by buying such large containers. The CND Perfect Color in a 3.7 oz container cost $32 while it only costs $75 for 16 oz. So I just bit the bullet and saved until it hurt.

169/365 Toffee Crack

I did a really dumb thing. I made this treat called Toffee Crack. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I find myself going to the fridge in the garage and breaking off pieces of this tasty treat and then gobbling them up. Not good if I want to keep the weight off that I lost.

168/365 Movie Date

I asked Jason out on a date. We met at the theater after he got out of work and saw The Hangover. Funny movie...definitely a guy movie. Pictured here is the second concession counter at the theater. I have never seen it open since we've been going there (of course we refuse to go after 5 p.m. due to over priced tickets).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

167/365 Don't Skip Breakfast!

Today I made myself a chicken fajita omelet (I finished up the leftover chicken fajitas from a couple nights back). We are not paper conscious around here....especially now with a dishwasher we can't use until the door latch gets fixed.

166/365 What's For Lunch

Since I've been on my diet, many people ask what kinds of food I eat. Here is what a typical lunch might include. I absolutely love to add strawberries to my salads. I usually put in some chunks of chicken breast to get my protein. I will also eat some yogurt and a piece of cheese. I try to fill up at lunch time and make it my biggest meal.

165/365 In Case Of Fire

Jason wanted to go golfing and decided on going to the west side of the valley. Instead of making the long drive back at the end of the day, we got a room close to the golf course. I hung out in the room and worked on my Photoshop layouts and watched TV. Here's the standard map that hangs on every interior door in hotel rooms. Now I know where to go in case there's a fire.

164/365 Let's Go For A Ride

Jason and I went on another daily road trip. This time we took the car and this is the view from the seat I was in. Notice the portable XM satellite radio we have to listen to.

163/365 How Hard Can It Be?

I'm trying to create/put together some layouts that will go together book style. Who knew I would have such a tough time. I have made and remade layouts for the last several days and I'm still not satisfied with what I've done.

162/365 Just Me

I read that at least once a month during Project 365 you should include a photo of yourself. Jared was kind enough to take one of me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

161/365 Uh oh, here I go again!

When a little guy this cute is watching you, you just might be tempted to take his photo, too. I might as well since they aren't as cute when they become cats. His name is least for now.

160/365 Look what came in today

Good ol' Oriental Trading Company. I finally ordered these chipboard key plate albums
that I've been wanting for quite some time. They are on clearance now and I got them at a discount.

159/365 I just can't resist

Ahh, would you just look at the wee little kitty. He's so cute and much more fun to be around since Jason shoved a pill down his throat that killed off his tape worms. Thank you Jason for sacrificing your flesh for a healthy kitten.

158/365 Better than the dog house

I'm feeling mighty angry tonight and so I'm gonna sleep out on the loft couch. Just because I'm a grown up doesn't mean I'm not allowed to sulk any more.

156/365 But does it improve your typing skills?

See all these pages? I'm putting them into a word document on my computer. I don't type all that often and so I'm not very fast. Spent a couple hours on this and I was only 4 pages along.

155/365 Awesome Apron

I really do have a wonderful sister. I went to her house to help her out while she recovers from surgery. And look what I got for going! This super-duper apron! I love it and now I can stop crying over mine being stolen by Jacob's party buddies. I'd have put it on to model for the photo, but I didn't feel like posing. LOL

154/365 Kind of like the muffin man

Jacob baked chocolate chip cookies tonight. I really didn't want him to since I can't eat any, but he really, really wanted to. He's becoming a great baker.

153/365 LOOK AT ME!

That's what having a bag flapping on your hood as you drive 60 MPH on the freeway is shouting. This bad boy was along for the ride for my last 6 or 7 miles. Yeah, lucky me.

152/365 June Desktop

Here is the latest desktop from Shabby Princess. Don't you just love my kitties? So sweet!

151/365 Movie Day

Jason and I went to see Angels & Demons. It was pretty good. I'm looking forward to being able to eat some popcorn one of these days when I'm at the theater. After next week I'll be able to add things back into my diet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

150/365 Yummy Stuff

I really love this stuff. I've been using stevia instead of sugar since sugar is a BIG no-no on my diet. Lucky for me that they've come out with flavored stevia. I add this to my non fat yogurt and it makes it taste almost like whipped cream. Then I add chopped strawberries and I can't believe that I'm not cheating. (I also have Chocolate Raspberry flavored stevia)

149/365 External Hard Drive Guts

This is what the inside of my external hard drive looks like. Jason had to open it and see if the actual hard drive was dead or not because the computer kept telling me I had to format it before it would work. Well, I had all my scrapbook stuff backed up on it and COULDN'T format it. Well, it was all the sub woofer I had sitting on it. Who knew that there are magnets inside speakers and that it just might, definitely erase my files.

148/365 Freezer Jam

Today I decided it was time for me to try making my first batch of strawberry freezer jam. I was happy to find plastic Ball canning jars for my project. Suzee was right when she told me it is the easiest thing to make. Of course I won't be able to even sample any of it for about 3 more weeks. That is when I'll be done with my diet.

147/365 Such A Cutie

Isn't this the sweetest little thing? He is so tiny. He is still skittish and likes to hide wherever he can, but he is posing pretty nice for pictures.

146/365 Getting Along

Our newest addition seems to be settling in a bit. At this point, we don't have a name for our buddy, but Elvis is giving him a chance even without knowing what to call him.

145/365 What The?

I was on the phone with Jared on my way home from work and he asked me what the orange blobs in his toilet were. I had no idea what he was talking about. His brother was spending a couple days on the west side of town with old friends and wouldn't be coming home with me, and seeing that he is the only other person using that bathroom, I knew he would have known. These are the orange blobs. I have a sneaky suspicion they are Accutane pills.