Tuesday, April 12, 2011

101/365 2011 Jared

Jared doing what he does. Xbox live is more important than a clean room. It’s a good thing we like you, kid.

100/365 2011 Last Minute


Today I got a text from the gal that teaches our primary class every other week. Turns out that she won’t be able to make it to church. I’ve got 1 hour to prepare the lesson while I also get ready.

99/365 2011 Jacob


I just shake my head when I try to figure out where the years have gone. Jacob graduates high school this year and turns 18.

98/365 2011 Toll House is da bomb!


Sometimes you just gotta make cookies. This was one of those times.

97/365 2011 Run Oli, Run


Olivia is on the middle school track team. That’s her in the third lane from the left. Her dad says she does pretty good over those hurdles.

96/365 2011 Snooooze


Oh to be a cat and sleep whenever and wherever. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

95/365 2011 Tuesday Night


It’s Tuesday night, and that means that Jacob and I are at the church seminary building for our ARP meeting. (cheating alert…this is an older photo but it’s still from a Tuesday)

94/365 2011 Happiness Is….


Happiness is a Ball jar filled with Kefir in my refrigerator.  Yummy!

93/365 General Conference


Today was General Conference. I loved every talk. I look forward to reading them when the Ensign magazine comes out.

92/365 2011 Nap Time


Spending 10 plus hours at the VA Hospital yesterday totally wore me out. I spent much of today napping on the couch. Elvis is worn out, too. As usual.

91/365 2011 Happy Anniversary


Jason got to have hernia surgery for our 5th wedding anniversary. I really love the orange left on his skin. You can still see where the surgeon put his initials on Jason to make sure they got the correct side.

90/365 2011 Sleep Tight


How is a girl supposed to get her crochet done when her furry little Elvis needs the yarn for a pillow?

89/365 2011 Off With His Door!


The Meanest Mom award goes to ME! I took Jacob’s door off. He earned this….trust me.

88/365 20011 Low Carb Pizza


Here’s the low carb pizza I made for dinner. The crust is made from eggs and 3 different cheeses . It wasn’t bad. If I couldn’t eat bread ever again it would satisfy, but I’m glad I can eat the real deal.

87/365 2011 Late Night at Work


Tonight I had to work later than usual to accommodate one of my afternoon clients who worked her day off at the power plant due to the scheduled Outage.

86/365 2011 Reverence Jar


This is the reverence jar I take to church to encourage my class of 8 and 9 year olds to be reverent during my lesson. They get to take a Tootsie Roll or two if they are.

85/365 2011 Toe Grows A Nail


Don’t be alarmed….my toenail looks SO much better than it did a few months back. It is just over half grown out. Back in January I began soaking it in peroxide and it has come back in with healthy nail.

84/365 2011 Lazy Kitty


I know it’s hard to believe this guy is a killer. I mean, just look at how laid back he is…

83/365 2011 Hummingbird


Yes. I know it’s sad. My cat is a cat and this means he doesn’t discriminate against what kind of birds he chooses to hunt. Poor little hummingbird.

82/365 2011 Project Life ‘09


I’m still working on my Project Life from 2009. I’ve got all buy 10 or so photos left to have printed, but I’ve only got the journaling caught up to March. Thank heavens for this blog or I wouldn’t know what these were all about!