Sunday, October 18, 2009

291/365 Chinese Buffet

Today I really wanted a big juicy hamburger and greasy french fries from a burger joint for lunch. But Jason wasn't feeling up to eating out, so I just went and got a to-go box at the Hong Kong Buffet.

290/365 Skeleton is out of the closet!

It's beginning to look like Halloween around our neighborhood. Jason pulled our decorations out of the garage and we've put a few around the house.

289/365 Hair cut day!

Jared is going to Magic Mountain with his best friend this weekend. Before I sent him off, both he and his brother got hair cuts. I'm so happy to be able to see his eyes again. (Jacob refused to let me photograph him)

288/365 Sleeping

Trash Can is sleeping on the couch while we watch tv. I thought he looked so cute with his tongue poking out just a little.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

287/365 left in their wake

The girls went back to their mom’s this morning for the second half of Fall Break. They are pretty normal kids and only clean up when made to. This could be worse, but Jason’s oldest carts all her clothes from house to house. I’ll just shut the door and pretend it’s not there.

286/365 Jacob makes a bowl

Jacob is taking ceramics this year and loving it. He went in today for the open studio during their school break. When he came home, he brought this bowl that he’d made previously. This is the first creation of his that I’ve seen. I think the glaze looks really cool. I can't wait to see more of his projects.

285/365 Kids and more kids

The kids are having fun hanging out with the neighbors. That broom and bottom from an office chair that’s visible on the left is something they made and ride around on like a scooter. It’s wonderful to see them playing around outside and not sitting in front of the TV or playing videos.

284/365 German Pancakes

We’ve got a house full of kids since they are now on their Fall Break. I made German Pancakes. My whole family loves them. Super easy to make, too. Along with the pancakes, there is also bacon that Jason made before anyone got up.

283/365 Roses are red

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. Our doors and windows are open and our cats are so happy to be playing outside. Upon going out to pet them, I noticed this lovely rose growing on the little rose bush in the back yard.

282/365 Jared

Jared has a dentist appointment this morning for his cleaning. He’ll be going in to school a little late today. Can you tell he’s over due for a haircut? AGAIN!

281/365 SCORPION!

Jacob discovered a scorpion on the floor where we park our shoes. Thankfully it was dead, but we’ve been seeing these guys outside the house lately. They now make sure to shake out their shoes before putting them on.

280/365 Sunbeams

I drove Jared to the Alex bus stop this morning since he was running a little late. As I was returning home, I was struck with awe over the beautiful sunbeams coming through the clouds. Next time I think I'll get out of the car before I take a photo since the dirty windshield kind of takes away from the beauty.

279/365 movie time

I walked in the door after work and found my boys lazing on the couch watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I feel that I’m sharing a little of my mother with my kids, now. She and my dad loved Monty Python, and my sisters and I were exposed to their British humor as children.

278/365 Something's burning

Driving home from work today, I saw a bunch of smoke coming from the Indian reservation. As soon as I got to the turn for my neighborhood, I slowed the car down and grabbed a photo with my BlackBerry.

277/365 Pizza Omelet

Jason is very creative. He made us each a new creation this morning. A pizza omelet. It was very delicious, even though it might not sound very appetizing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

276/365 Darn unleaded!

I ran out of regular coffee a couple days ago and haven't made time to go buy more. It's a good thing I had some unleaded in the pantry. Only problem is that I'm getting caffeine withdrawal headaches.

275/365 My carpet's best friend

I find that I vacuum more often since we have a central vac system. It's great how light weight this is, and I love how quiet this thing is when it's on. I'll miss it when we move away from here.

274/365 October desktop

It's already October! Once again I sport a Shabby Princess wallpaper on my desktop. Ahh, my boys back in the good old days.

273/365 Elvis watches workmen

Elvis checks out the progress on the construction of the next group of houses going in behind us. They make a lot of noise very early in the morning. I'm really going to miss the view when they are done.

272/365 Circus cat

Trash Can was actually walking across the balcony railing before he settled himself here. My son, Jacob and I were worried he would fall off before he made it to the safety of this spot.

271/365 Got parts?

Jason worked on my girlfriend's computer. It needed a new power supply, but her pc is so old (and he's replaced the power supply once already) that he just cannibalized one of his extra computers that he keeps around for spare parts. Then he did a basic clean up on her operating system. Sweet man didn't charge her anything for his time (and the part was free, too).

270/365 Free Parking

Somehow, Jason managed to get a free parking ticket for the Cardinals game. He's kind of lucky like that. This is the ticket they handed him to put in his window. Too bad the Cardinals lost to the Colts tonight.

269/365 Go GRIZ!

Jason and I drove up to Flagstaff to watch the Montana Grizzlies beat the NAU Lumberjacks. We joined our friends, Tom & Verina, and Darrin & Noreen along with a ton of other Montana fans for the big tailgate party.

268/365 Sleep-over

Olivia is having her friend Kelsey spend the night tonight. Our kids just LOVE this lemonade. Especially since we never buy them soda pop anymore, and this is the sweetest thing they can find to drink.

267/365 Jason's ticket

Jason has an invite to join one of my friends/clients in her company's loft at the Arizona Cardinals game this Sunday. Paulette just dropped the ticket off at my work tonight. I'm so excited for him to be going to the gamed!

266/365 Wednesday Wash Day

I really do love my front loading washing machine. It's a pretty common thing for me to do lots of laundry on Wednesdays since I don't go into the salon. It's also the day I try to get as much of the major house cleaning done as possible. (And yes, my laundry room needs a good cleaning!)

265/365 Mmmm, my morning cup of coffee

Here's my daily ritual. I make myself a latte (or 2. or 3) every morning when I wake up. I don't want any sugar, sweeteners or flavoring. Sometimes I wish I had a fancy espresso machine, but for now I am content to have strong coffee, and hot, frothed milk.

264/365 Trash Can in the trash

Trash Can had to squeeze into the empty V-8 box Jason tossed onto the floor. He had me laughing because he was all the way inside and kept poking his head out.

263/365 Uh oh...not again!

Here it is. The Toffee Crack. I made it again. The good news is that my son Jared ate most of it over the course of a week. I only dipped into it a couple times.