Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days 80-83


Jason and I went to Costco today to pick up a few things. We bought a package of HUGE strawberries. There was one even larger than this but I gave it to Jared to eat before I thought of taking a photo. (Yeah, that's a quarter)


Elvis is playing with his toys. He has one toy for each paw. After I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I realized he had brought another toy to the stairway landing but apparently, like all children, has too many to keep track of.


Sun City, Arizona: Home to old folks who have forgotten that diapers do not go in the toilet. (This lovely image is also on my regular blog.)


I do not have a photo for Saturday...and for the life of me don't recall doing anything. I should have a picture of my couch to represent this day because I'm certain that's where Jason and I were for most of the day. Kids away at other parental units homes + stressful week = lazy day of nothingness.

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Suzee said...

Ohh! I so need that mystery day thing. I'm going to scrap me something funny to use on those days that "I just don't know?"