Friday, May 8, 2009

128/365 Cute Repair

I love my old Levis so much that when they got worn out enough to rip in the seat, I repaired them with these cute flower patches.


Suzee said...

Nice buns babe!
Who shot your a#* for you?

Crissie said...

My boyfriend. SHHH, don't tell Jason.

listgirl said...

Hi Crissie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I love the design of both of your blogs!

About the P365 weekly pages... I've decided to "free myself" from the tyranny of sticking with one kit or one type of layouts for the whole year. I've freed myself to just go with what inspires me. My only criteria is that the left and right pages sorta match, so I do them two weeks at a time. I feel so free now that I've decided it's okay to do whatever I want with them!