Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 and the next Project 365

I realized that I missed doing my Project 365 during 2010, and so I decided as that year was coming to an end that I would try very hard to take a photo a day during 2011. Well so far I have managed to find something to photograph almost every day. I have missed a day here and there, but since there aren’t any Project 365 Police, I believe a make-up photo is fine. This is, after all, just a way to document our lives for this year.

After my first go round, I learned that I prefer having only one photo per post. This means that I may publish several posts per day if I am behind.

I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our lives as captured by my camera (including my Blackberry’s camera when needed).

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HelenClyde said...

Oh how cool! Welcome back :)