Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Days 29-35/365


My sleeping beauties. This is how Elvis and JB pass most of their time.


This is a picture of the new kitchen. I'm just hanging out waiting on the Cox Cable guy to show up. I'm also in serious pain with sciatica.

I actually had no photo on this day so I'm using this image to represent why I didn't take one. I am in total agony.

Our bed is quite difficult to put back together. Those big drawers aren't working properly.

Elvis is all alone. My JB snuck out the night before and nobody realized it. He hasn't come home and we don't know if he will.

Jason has taken care of me once again. I hadn't been able to do any blogging since my pc wasn't put together. Tonight when I got home from work, this was waiting for me. Thanks honey!

Here I am in my new glasses that I just picked up today. I'm smiling, but I'm still in lots of pain. Today at the chiropractor I got some Wei Patches. I will go through a series of 6 patches that are supposed to help with my sciatica pain.


Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pictures. I sure hope you guys will be able to find JB - he may not even remeber where the new house is and Elvis will be so lonely without him.

Suzee said...

Oh no! Poor JB! I hope he's ok and finds his way back. Have you been calling him regularly? Put out some stinky fishy canned goods in hopes of drawing him with the smell? My heart is breaking for you!
Don't forget to e-mail a picture of the house so I can put in for my proj 365, documenting what I did last fri. I am in serious need of updating my project also!