Thursday, April 23, 2009

111/365 This Little Mop

This is a picture of a cheap mop. This is the mop that I used to clean my tile floor on Tuesday. This is the mop that cleaned the floor that was covered with spilled beer and booze. This is the mop that cleaned the floor that hosted a party for Jacob's friends. This little mop worked for over an hour cleaning up after kids who I never invited to party at my house while I was out of town for a funeral.

1 comment:

Suzee said...

Cheap mop
Cheap beer
Cheap, little, trashy kids
Was thinking about it last night, I bet they used your aprons cuz they thought it was funny. Guys, look at me in a girie apron. They probably ended up completely trashing them and so threw them out. Makes me so mad when I think of all the hours that went in to making that pink and black number...